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Our technical and logistical departments are made up of highly skilled professionals, working together to ensure a perfect synergy between departments. Protocols are in place to guarantee tailor made solutions and optimum service for each highly valued client.

Optimized Technology

An intimate knowledge of our business has enabled us to select the most advanced fit for purpose and reliable machinery available in the market. This equipment is specifically tailored for each project, allowing for the optimization of processes and, as a result, flawless customer service. The team at GESCRAP are currently involved in ongoing training aimed at keeping up to date with the latest technologies applied to the sector.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement ::: ISO 9001All processes at GESCRAP are ISO 9001 approved.

This approval, coupled with an internal auditing process and responsibility towards client trust, are the starting points from which the company grows.

Respect for the Environment

Respect for the Environment ::: ISO 14001With the future of the planet at stake, the re-use of resources has become an important sustainable solution.

GESCRAP is proud of its contribution towards the reduction of the carbon footprint produced by industry. GESCRAP is an ISO 14001 approved company.

Health and Safety

Under the premise of “Zero Accidents” and with “Health and Safety” as a banner, we have achieved a culture of prevention, acting on the facilities, processes and people.

The organization is certified in ISO 45001.
Respecto al Medio Ambiente ::: ISO 14001

Awarded twice with the Healthy Company Award in 2017 and in 2020.