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GESCRAP is a multinational corporation engaged in the complete and sustainable recovery of waste materials. Founded in 1994, the aim of the company is to lead in the provision of this service to the industrial sector.

The group, which has over 50 years experience in steelwork and 20 years of accumilated knowledge in the field of recovery, was begun with a strong spirit of customer service. GESCRAP boasts the capacity and experience to offer clients a local management experience with an international dimension.

Gescrap’s unique blend of local business awareness and multinational stature, ensures an adherance to quality and service which is second to none. Nowhere is this more evident than Gescrap’s leadership in integrated waste management for large automotive companies.

Nowadays, GESCRAP maintains a presence on the Iberian Peninsula and other European centres, Asia and America, providing a comprehensive range of services to both, generating industry and steel product providers.